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Urology Overview: Our Services

The medical specialty of urology covers a wide range of urologic problems, from kidney stones to infertility or numerous cancers. Most patients that are seen in our office are first evaluated by their primary medical or family practice doctors. These physicians often initially treat basic urologic problems such as an enlarged prostate or a urinary tract infection. If the problems become more severe, our urologists are then consulted. At times, an emergency room doctor may immediately refer a patient to us for a more serious problem like a painful kidney stone.

Our evaluation begins with an office visit where problems are identified and treatment options discussed. If further test are needed, many of them can be performed conveniently in our office. Our latest addition is a state of the art CT scanner that can quickly assess the entire body.

If a problem requires surgery, you are in good hands. All of our urologists are also experienced surgeons. For complex or high risk cases, we form a team of at least two surgeons to perform the procedure, ensuring the highest quality of care.

While we have expertise in all areas of urology, most of our patients are referred for the following reasons: